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Hello Psy Nursing [Nov. 10th, 2007|08:17 am]
Psychiatric Nursing
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I am new to this group, and just finished psy rotation in my nursing school. We had four 8 hours shift and spent a lot of time in RT and participated in yoga classes. We haven't had any lecture on mental illness this year so far and we are almost done with the school. Now it kind make sense why a lot of nurses I met in Med/Surge just love to make fun of people with any hx of psychiatric dx. they just aren't exposed or educated enough about the illness.  anyone with psy illness of any sort is fair game for them, including people who are just on anti-depressant. i felt horror about what they are saying about patient with bipolar or adhd and saw them derive great pleasure for keeping complete straight face & caring attitude then come back to the nurse station and cracking up and generally talking horribly about the pt.  I am amazed how she remained so completely prejudiced for a decade about everything while maintaining a position of some influence. She's anti homosexual, anti minorities, anti psychiatric illness sometime just ignore call light from people with hx of psychiatric disorders and have student answers them all. That reminded me, some of our classmate still believe that prayer is what's needed to cure for psy problem and I guess it worries me because that's how they are going to understand mental illness for the rest of her professional lives. wth.

[User Picture]From: firefly124
2007-11-10 04:46 pm (UTC)
WTH indeed. I'm still taking prereqs so I haven't started actual nursing courses yet, but I work in psychosocial rehab, and I see huge problems when our folks have to interact with non-psych-trained medical professionals. Sometimes it's the best of intentions gone awry, and sometimes it's people just having unfounded preconceptions. I had one fellow have to go back to the ER multiple times before they finally did enough tests to diagnose that he had a massive intestinal blockage. Why? A combination of Medicare issues and, well, he's a psych patient, so it must all be in his head, never mind that he hadn't been able to hold down food for days.

We need more nurses like you who look at those types of attitudes and say, WTH?!
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[User Picture]From: evilcresyluna
2007-11-10 09:49 pm (UTC)
Although I would never condone being mean to a patient, there have been days where I do need to step away and laugh - one lady that told me cheerfully that she was a psychiatrist-psychologist-therapist-nurse-aide on call. Early that day it had been a vampire. I am extremely polite to her but once in a secluded room I do need to at least giggle.
But anyway, as to the real meat of your question, there is still a very huge, very real stigma against mental illness - doesn't matter if they only have seasonal affective disorder, if they're complaining of crushing chest pain they're probably making it up. A lot of people still believe that "strong" people can just "tough it out" in regards to mental illness. There is even stigma in the Anonymous groups, we've had people feel suicidal because their sponsor dropped them d/t taking antidepressants! It is just another side of the prayer debate, that taking medicine is sissy/not holy enough.
But as the above poster said, that's why we need people like YOU to educate people about these things. I hope once you get to your psych classes it'll knock some sense into them.
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